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Early Assessment of Potentially Relevant ESI In many organizations, employees typically send and receive hundreds of emails (or more) each week, maintain electronic calendars, and store numerous electronic files on their hard drives and company shared drives and in cloud-based storage. Given the volume of data, employers should conduct a preliminary assessment and review of [...]

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Replacing Attorney Review? Sidley’s Experimental Assessment of GPT-4’s Performance in Document Review

ChatGPT by OpenAI came crashing into the world on November 30, 2022, and quickly captured everyone’s imagination, including that of businesses and lawyers eager to capitalize on the many ways artificial intelligence (AI) has been predicted to fundamentally change the way business is done, including how law is practiced. In this article, we offer a [...]

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DocID sponsors Georgia Association of Paralegals Lunch and Learn

DocID was proud to host the Georgia Association of Paralegals (GAP) for a Lunch and Learn at Piastra Restaurant in Marietta Square. It was a great discussion about the future of legal technology and the roles paralegals will have in it.

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10 Trends That Will Define eDiscovery In 2023

Written by Jeffrey Wolff, Certified E-Discovery Specialist Introduction As we approach the turn of the year, the eDiscovery landscape is also, once again, at a turning point. Data volumes continue to explode, driven in part by new types of data and legal technology solutions. The pandemic forever changed the way we live, work, and communicate, [...]

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Key COVID-19 Considerations for U.S. Discovery and Information Governance

The following is a brief overview of an article by Gilbert S. Keteltas and James A. Sherer, "Key COVID-19 Considerations for U.S. Discovery and Information Governance," posted in Information Governance.  Many businesses have remote work and bring-your-own-device policies that address access to company systems and information from personal devices. These policies may also state expectations [...]

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