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Into the eDiscovery Metaverse

The Metaverse For most Electronic Discovery and legal professionals, the term “meta” recalls document review and pesky data about data that increasingly can make or break a case. But Facebook’s massive rebrand as Meta may be the harbinger of something more impactful to the practice of law and eDiscovery than even the 2006 amendments to [...]

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Generative AI and the Evidence it Creates

Generative AI is the “elephant in the room” these days – you can’t get away from talking about it. Whether it’s the amazing things it can do (like serving as officiant in a wedding or finding the right diagnosis for a boy’s pain after 17 doctors failed to do so), the issues it causes (like [...]

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How the Results of the 9th Annual E-Discovery Unfiltered Report Can Help Your Legal Team Plan for 2024

Along with offering key impressions of leading providers in the sector, the 9th annual E-Discovery Unfiltered: A Survey of Current Trends and Candid Perspectives report identifies the market shifts, pricing patterns, artificial intelligence developments, and data management practices that are driving the transformation of e-discovery. Between February 23, 2023, and April 10, 2023, I personally [...]

December’s Notable Cases and Events in E-Discovery

This Sidley Update addresses the following recent developments and court decisions involving e-discovery issues: 1. An order from the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington granting Defendants a protective order limiting deposition topics proposed by Plaintiffs under Rule 30(b)(6) constituting “discovery on discovery,” finding that Plaintiffs could not inquire about Defendants’ response [...]

Using ChatGPT to Revolutionize Investigations and Discovery

During a recent webinar with Today’s General Counsel, John Tredennick and William Webber of Merlin Search Technologies discussed new technology that integrates machine learning tools to find documents and large language models and ultimately uses ChatGPT to conduct investigations and discovery. GPT and other large language models have no access to information that exists outside [...]

Overcoming eDiscovery-related chat data challenges – Collection

The collection phase involves extracting the chat data from its existing format and making it available for processing and review. We talked in our first blog post about the different types of chat platform, and certain issues that can arise with accessing historic chat data. Our third blog post covered issues with identification and preservation, [...]

Alternative Legal Service Providers: Transforming the Legal Industry

In the ever-evolving legal landscape, law firms are increasingly turning to Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSPs) to meet their diverse needs. These providers offer a wide array of services, from legal research and document review to process optimization and contract management. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of ALSPs, exploring their emergence, growth, [...]

Overcoming eDiscovery-related chat data challenges Part 3: During an investigation

Chat data will inevitably need to be collected for review if an investigation or dispute arises. A data collection exercise for chat data, as with other data types, first involves identifying the relevant data sources, ensuring that those data sources are preserved, and then extracting the data. Identifying the relevant data sources for chat data [...]

Overcoming eDiscovery-related chat data challenges: Part 2 – Prior to an Investigation

Consider ease of compliance when procuring chat software The pandemic accelerated the adoption of chat and collaboration software within businesses. While chat platforms are convenient for business communications, naturally many were built with a focus on user experience for communications and collaboration, rather than how well they perform from a compliance or eDiscovery point of [...]

Help! The Case for Outside E-Discovery Counsel

As corporate legal departments evaluate ways to streamline operations and gain efficiencies, companies may be hesitant to add outside e-discovery counsel to a litigation or regulatory matter’s legal team. They wonder what lawyers who specialize in e-discovery can provide that in-house legal departments, other outside counsel and e-discovery vendors cannot. While needs will vary across [...]

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