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Crash Course on E-Discovery for CIOs and CDOs

E-discovery can be a big deal if you find yourself or your company in a legal hot mess. And if you know anything about the ever-evolving changes in the rules of law, then you have a good idea how easy it can be to find oneself stuck in a legal snafu. “E-discovery, short for electronic [...]

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Observations from Legalweek 2023: The Latest on AI, Dealing with Modern Data and Leading Change

By Catherine Ostheimer - CloudNine Conversations on and off the session stage at Legal Week 2023 signaled that industry innovation is now on a fast track. Whether it’s due to the advent of new tech permeating our daily lives (OpenAI launched plugins for ChatGPT for commonly used apps like Slack, Open Table, Expedia on March [...]

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What is ECA (Early Case Assessment) and Why is it Important?

Early case assessment (ECA) provides an opportunity to understand documentary and digital evidence. It also presents opportunities for fact finding and cost savings.   According to the Grossman-Cormack Glossary of Technology-Assisted Review, early case assessment, or ECA, is a “term generally used to describe a variety of tools or methods for investigating and quickly learning about a [...]

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